When we talk of internet many people are wondering asking critical questions ‘ what is the purpose of the internet?’ They ask this question because not all who used internet understand the word ‘internet’ and the purpose of it, in my latest post, I explained the meaning of internet and it’s origin, today I am going to show you The Purpose Of The Internet.
In the 1950’s, computer were still very rare, and computer science was in it’s infancy. Most technological advancements during this period, such as cryptically, radar and battlefield communication, were due to military operations during world war 11, and government activities are at the base of the development of the internet. Three decades ago, the RAND Corporation struggled with possible ways for US authorities to successfully communicate after a nuclear war. Their chief concern was that any central network control center might be destroyed by an enemy missile. In a plan made public in 1964, the RAND corporation proposed that the new network have no central authority.
Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA) was the response to the soviets’ lunch of sputnik in 1957, man’s first foray into outer space, along with the U.S.S.R testing it,s first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. In 1958 when NASA was created, ARPA’s main focus became computer science and information processing. One goal was to connect mainframe computers at different universities around the country so that they would be able to communicate using a common language protocol. Today internet has become a popular makerting, education, communication, advertisement and news casting place and more. Today its has produce the knowledge of ICT also internet has become a wealth creation place where many people in the world are making their living from it. Its has become a fastest way of getting information and communicating with other people no matter where they are using a social networks, email, computer to computer calls and many others Including online purchasing and payment option and this reduces the stress of the postal service. Today internet has become the major communiting system to NGO’s government agencies and individual bodies as well. What does internet meant to you? Why are you using it ? And what is your benefit? Many people are engaging themselves in this system from the grass root and you are advise to do so.


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