God who brought you to this planet earth will never fail you nor will He disappoint you. He will always be by your side to secure you, protect you and to guide you. His blessings shall never ceased to flow in your life . He will preserve you and make you the light of the nations. For the reason of His resurrection untimely death will not locate you, premature death is not your portion. You shall live and excell. Only on your behalf shall the Heavens open the window of good things. 24/7 shall His Angels take charge over you. Because He is alive shall no slot prevail against you nor their battle succeed in you. He was poor for you to be rich, death that you may be alive, persecuted that you may be respected. He was beaten that you will go free, he was crucified that you will be sanctified, He was mocked that you will be glorified, He was buried that you may live forever. He was brought down that you may be lifted and promoted. What else has He not done, is it health, success, wealth, Children, house, car? What ever is your needs all is yours in JESUS name. If this is true and you believe it why can’t you begin to wave those pretty hands, adore and glorify His name wherever you are to receive that unlimited blessings hanging around you and be transform into the Body of CHRIST.
JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. He never change only to change your situation. BE BLESS
I am Isreal Etangewak a blogger, importer, marketer and the C.E.O of Ultimate Link Resources, follow me on twitter @ http://twitter.com/etangewakisreal, facebook http://www.facebook.com/isreal.etangewak, 08069241044


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