Majority of peoples on the net are facing a lots of challenges including security, most internet accounts especially Blogs, Social Networks and Online Banking Accounts like paypal, Alert Pay, Perfect Money and many others as become a source of incomes to hackers. While this happen many are into some security risk looking for one way and the other to secure themselves from being hack but is there any solution yet? Of course there is of one will only want to secure his/her self from this fraudsters.


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Today I want to give you some tips on how you can keep your self secured on the net maybe you know about some of this tips but the question is, ‘HOW CONCERN ARE YOU ABOUT IT? Now take this few tips important and get yourself secured.

1. Password Protection:- before I go on you need to ask and answer this question yourself, How Secure Is My Password?
Lack of strong password is the number one reason why people loss their account to hackers, scammers and fraudsters.
In all areas there are majority of accounts takes over, in most case hackers will want to gain access to your account in order to have specific informations about you/account informations like password and other related details, one thing you must do is making sure that your informations are save and secure but how?

When creating an account try using strong password with combination of numbers, alphabets and characters and make it at least 8 characters short and make sure your password cannot be suggested by any one.
Many people like using their Date of Birth (DoB) as password while doing this you are risking your account even if you will do this make sure to combine it with some laters and characters make it a little bit long.

(2). Email:- Email has now become a relevant source for hackers to be sending and receiving peoples informations.
Note that no organization or reputable company will ever ask you for your password by email in case you receive this type of request treat casually so before you reply to that emails be sure of the sender some emails are to capture your personal details without your notice. Stop using single email to open an account in multiple websites.

Social Network Logins-: before you grant that website access to your facebook, google and twitter or yahoo or any other social network accounts be sure of it source
Some hackers are likely to develop application that can be easily install in social networks. This application will request access to your account including your friends list and activities feeds when once you grant this request your information has been captured and by using it you extend the risk to your friends so allay avoid taking this action.

(3). Be careful of people you interact with, stop giving out useful information to people you do not trust even if you trust them be careful of kind informations you share with them they can easily turn you down.

(4). Social Engineering:- this is an act of manipulating peoples to do satisfied your desire, a fraudster/hackers can easily buy your mind by convincing you to disclose your confidential details to them and then use it to do their mind. As I explained earlier on social login, social engineering are likely to develop harking applications to retrieve your informations and keep it under their custody please be careful of this application especially on facebook.

Public Computer:- many internet user used public computer to access their account but keep their self unsafe. Using public computer to access your accounts can also grant other people access to your account without your knowledge. To avoid these take this simple steps:-

* If you are fun of using public computer/paid service always reserve at least three to five minutes to close your actions.

* Sign out of your account before leaving the system.

* Clear your activities history before leaving the system.

* Clear cookies and caches before leaving the system if possible this is very important some website use cookies to track your activities with the help of IP even when you are using Personal Computer (PC) always try refreshing your settings, histories and cookies at least once in a week it is good for your security.

(5). Phishing:- this is another way fraudsters are using to acquire peoples confidential informations by sending out emails and other related kind of massage asking you to bogus website or phone link in the name of a particular company which they do not belongs to and these makes their massage looks legitimate but it is from fraudster/harker so bear in mind that any information confidential or not disclosed on this bogus website or phone line is captured by the sender. When ever you receive such massage forward it to the company that suppose to send the message that is the company name using in that email and confirm from them before replying with your details. If you do not have the company contact just google it you will get multiple of the company for fastest way to be sure type that company name +scam in to google search box example AVIATION INDUSTRY+scam into google search box if you see too many complains know that it is a scam yet still find out from that company.

(6). Trojans:- this is a malware simply called Malicious Software installed in any internet enable device without users knowledge. Basically a message will be sent by a fraudster/harker trying to tricks you into downloading, openning an attachment and following a website links when once you take this action the trojan is installed into your device and your information will be sent to the sender. In some case your device will warned you when trying to take this action please listen to your device.

What Trojans Can Do:- Trojan is capable of recording your personal details including password by taking a screen shot of a website you have just visit and capturing your keystrokes and then sent to a fraudster. Some trojans allows a fraudster to see all your activities and shadow your computer. Please make sure you have a workable security software and firewall in your computer to avoid this mess. Some security software claims to protect your system from security treat while they invite this treat. Always verify the software type you used.
I am Isreal Etangewak a talented and gifted blog writer, importer, marketer and the C.E.O of Ultimate Link Resources, follow me on twitter @, facebook,, 08069241044,, BB 208BA235



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