Are you fun of buying or changing phones? Are you fun of misplacing your phone? You can secure your phone for recovery in you misplace it. Waoh! This sounds interesting right? Ofcurse it is. Even as mobile becomes cheap, phone snatchers are still into the business of snatching phones. The truth is that they never get tired of snatching Peoples phone while some people are fun of misplacing theirs. Now the good news is that, as the snatching and misplacing of phone increasing people are beginning to wise up and you can also wise up. I was worried when i lost my Samsung Galaxy s4 i will say that i was among the third set of people to use Samsung galaxy s4 but i lost it after four month of purchase, it was very painful so i got to find a way of securing my future phone and i got the result which is what you are now. So let get started.  What you are about to know is what will help secure your with either with the phone IMEI number (serial number) or your own password that even computer cannot unlocked it you will be able to locate your phone when it got missing, you will be able to track your phone and get it back when you follow these steps. To get started you need to have a security software on your phone. You can google it or you search on google play or android market, when you google it and get the result please read the description of each before downloading it to know which that suit your test. For me i am using wheresmydroid for my android phone which can be downloaded at android market, google search and google play. After downloading open the software and follow the setup process. This software will be using the phone number and the email address you provide send attention message containing information’s about your phone and the location including picture when you enable camera when it got missing so have to put at least two phone number. After you finish the setup you are good to go.      «««««««ENJOY»»»»»»»


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