The world icon, the man of the people, freedom fighter, africa’s success as described by the attendees of his funeral service the late Nelson Mandela (Madiba) was put to rest yesterday. Many names has been added to his name even on death the question is, what qualify him for this names?
The service became worldwide service and more than 100 world leaders including Barrack Obama and our own president attended the service.
The truth is that, the man has left a legacy that no one, not in nigeria, US or in around the world has ever left, both his life achievements and death breaks records, all the leaders attended the service testify of his goodness, his good life and character, his fight for the people, his suffering for people’s freedom not for himself neither his family even when he has his freedom but he gave himself to be locked up.
He served prison and yet qualify to rule the nation, he has the opportunity to rule the second term but he stepped down and give chance to someone else even when he has full support to go for another term I can’t imagine how foolish this sound to our leaders today but at the end he died and buried as an hero, first class and world best leader. AIT said “End of an Era” end of an era indeed.
Many will agree with me that Mandela is role model and many people want to follow his foot steps the question is, can you sacrifice your self for people’s sake as he did? Truth is always bitter but lies sweeter than honey.
You can’t imagine how progressive south africa is today this is the effort of one man in one single term. Come to nigeria our leaders are busying proposing for six years single term and some busying making the country ungovernable while at the same time our past leaders are still pressing for another opportunity when our communities remains under developed according to the constitution of nigerian subsection 2b of section 14 state that “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government: and in subsection 3 of section 15 state that “for the purpose of promoting national integration, it shall be the duty of the state to:-
(A) provide adequate facilities for and encourage free mobility of people, goods and services throughout the federation.
(B) secure full resident rights for every citizen in all part of the federation. Is our government working in accordance with the constitution?
Petroleum products is one of the major issues in nigeria but we are to kick start sales of refineries in first quarter of 2014 will this privatization resolve our crude problems?
Some time ago I heard that power privatization will boast power supply and what is the result? 30 minutes light and 10 hours darkness.
Come to service provider we are sufferring for the service we paid for no quality service and recently NCC fined service providers which MTN and Etisalat have N360m each, Airtel N270m and Glo N180m worth a total sum of N1.17bn. The director, public affairs NCC Mr. Tony Ojobo recently comment on interview with AIT that nigeria lacks capacity to accommodate service subscribers but the fined service providers a total sum of N1.17bn where is this money? What have they used it for? Isn’t good to use this money to boast service? Or are the companies yet to pay the fine? I think it is better to Barr this companies and let new companies come in as I heard said by the commission instead of sufferring us.
Madiba of all people died as a great man but where have we heard that he has foreign reserve account either for himself or his family? Which foreign country have we he has properties? Many of our nigerian leader, their foreign reserve is richer than the country foreign reserve many people thinks having properties here and there makes one great. Come to talk of education university education is to be free according to the constitution stated in subsection 1 of section 18 “the government shall direct its policy towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels.
in subsection 3 of the same section 18 stated that “government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy; and to this end government shall as and when practicable provide:- (A) free, compulsory and universal primary education;
(B) free secondary education;
(C) free university education; and
(D) free adult literacy programme.
But which of our university is free? We are praising Mandela for his wonderful deeds yes that’s okay but who will praise you when you are no more? What would I remember you for? At least I can testify that Mandela was locked up for the liberty of his people and governed his people with transparency.
When would a Nigeria leader break such record? Is it possible with corrupt leaders? All they are interested is fighting for their own selfish interest, reserving foreign account for their future use, owning the best and expensive properties in foreign country, flooding their pocket. Covering up corruptions.
Nigeria is bless but how to manage the blessing is our problem this is why we need a determined leader to handle our resources accurately if not our corrupt leaders will turn nigeria to toast if Christ tarries to come I pray God should help us succeed and survive in this country. R.I.P MADIBA THE GREAT MAN VALOUR


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