On friday valentine’s day many people paid their dues to whom they wish not caring about the blessings and the consequences. May after paying the lost their lives, many lost their silver and gold, many took in, many were infected with several diseases including HIV/AIDS, HEPATITIS and all other dangerous diseases, many lost their integrities, many lost their cars while many home were broken some fixed and some yet to fix all in the name of enjoyment and jollification at the same day many find their silver, gold and their heart desire what have you lost and what did you find? some people were made Minister and Commissioner for Enjoyment, Chief of Enjoyment Staff (CES), Chief Enjoyment Officer (CEO), Director General of Enjoyment (DGN), General Manager of Enjoyment (GME), Comptroller General of Enjoyment (CGE), Senior Enjoyment Adviser (SEA), Senior Advocate of Enjoyment (SAE), Commander Order of Enjoyment (COE), Commander Federal Republic of Enjoyment (CFRE) and only one where given Grand Commander Federal Republic of Enjoyment (GCFRE), and The President and Commander in Chief of the Arm Force Federal Republic of Enjoyment (PCCAFFRE) and many other titles and appointments but what was your own title or appointment? Were you appointed for a particular task or given a title? Or promoted? Be it in the national assembly, state or LGA its appointment and that is your luck thank God for you.
As the word goes whosoever do not pay his due to God pays to who


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