Corrupted values and ignorance are the root causes of terrorism – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed sadness over the recent massacre of over 40 students of the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi, Yobe State by the Boko Haram foot soldiers.
The President in a nationwide broadcast on Wednesday ahead of the nation’s centenary, described the incident as sad and unfortunate. He said, “We recognise that the root cause of militancy, terrorism and insurgency is not the strength of extremist ideas but corrupted values and ignorance. “That is why our counter-terrorism strategy is not just about enforcing law and order as we have equipped our security forces to do. It also involves expanding economic opportunities, social inclusion, education and other measures that will help restore normalcy not just in the short term, but permanently. “I want to reassure Nigerians that terrorism, strife and insecurity in any part of Nigeria are abhorrent and unacceptable to us.
I urge leaders throughout Nigeria to ensure that ethnicity and religion are not allowed to become political issues.”
On the centenary celebration, Jonathan said it was as a significant milestone in the country’s journey to nationhood. He said, “100 years ago, on January 1, 1914, the British colonial authorities amalgamated the Southern and Northern Protectorates, giving birth to the single geo-political entity called Nigeria which has become our home, our hope, and our heritage. “I have often expressed the conviction that our amalgamation was not a mistake. While our union may have been inspired by considerations external to our people; I have no doubt that we are destined by God Almighty to live together as one big nation, united in diversity. “I consider myself specially privileged to lead our country into its second century of existence. And as I speak to you, I feel the full weight of our 100-year history. But what I feel most is not frustration; it is not disillusionment. What I feel is great pride and great hope for a country that is bound to overcome the transient pains of the moment and eventually take its rightful place among the greatest nations on earth.” Jonathan observed that like every other country of the world, “Nigeria has had its troubles and still does, having witnessed a civil war, military takeover, sectarian violence and terrorism among others.”


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