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Here we come again, it’s all about online income as no body has ever get tired of making money even so i will not get tired of showing you the secret of it. I have a friend who always says, “Don’t tell you did it but teach how to do it.” Now the slogan has become “DON’T TELL ME YOU DID IT BUT SHOW ME HOW TO IT.” I do not just want to tell you but to teach you how to do it hope you will be glad to do it on your own and even teach someone else. If you go to many gurus web page you cant find this kind of information for free but i am here giving you for free isn’t it good? I know the amount of money i will make from this info but that not my major concern, you may want to know what is my concern is stay cool i will tell you. If it comes to information one of my best major concern is to make available to everybody at no cost that is why i take my time to write this post just for you that is reading it now, remember i alone cannot share this information to all that needed it that is why you need to help your friend by sharing it with them.

In my recent post on six ways tomake money online with your site I show you how you can make unlimited/unending income by selling product on your site and i gave you many ways to keep your customer running after your product in case you missed it you can read it here hope you got the secret there and put it at work? If you do, good continue doing but if you don’t read it here again to join the boat. Remember that you can sell any thing of your choice online, whether it is offline product you can sell it online and make more profit to yourself using the idea i freely gives you but before you can do that you need to get your self a website as i come to realise that many people are yet to get them self a website because of one reason and the other i have make a way here for you to get yourself a 100% free website with website builder, control/admin panel, PHP, email address and lots more get it here for free you may want to hire a professional or get a paid website get it here.

In my second edition of making money from your site i showed you the first step which is selling product on your site. Today i am going to show you the number two step, which is AFFILIATE PROGRAMS:-

Today we are looking into affiliate online programs income i hope you will get goods out from it just go try and finish the reading process.

The web is teeming with affiliate programs, the famous of which is Amazondotcom. The Amazon links as been added to hundreds of thousands of web pages all across the internet. Each of this links represent mini-partnership between the owner of the site and Amazon. The host site (Amazon) agrees to pay the referring site (you) a small fee to provide a ling from your site to amazon. If someone clicks on the amazon link on your site and end up purchasing any product, you will end a commission for that referral. There are now hundreds of thousands of satellite partners who have an ongoing self-interest in the continue success of amazon mother ship. I start amazon as an example because this strategy is one of the prime reason for its credible growth in gross revenues. The more affiliate the host site has, the better for spreading the message.

Copying this successful strategy are thousands of other business marketing a myriad of products, all of which are trying to accomplish the same goal: increased traffic and thus increased business. Eventually you too, will want your own affiliate program to market your own products through hundreds or thousands of partnering sites. But you before you launch your own affiliate program, you need to experience what it is like to participate in several affiliate programs.

Online Affiliate Programs versus Traditional Network Marketing Program

Similar to affiliate programs are network marketing opportunities. They operate on the same model, a referral fee for steering someone into an existing business. But network marketing has more complicated compensation plan that rewards you more extensively for the effort of people recruited into your organization. Because of this extra layer of complexity and extra effort required to build and maintain a growing downline, i highly recommend that you participate in only a single, excellent network marketing opportunity. Both affiliate programs and network marketing companies base their existent on the concept or rewarding people for their positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Have you ever been to a great movie or a great restaurant and told a friend? That is call word-of-mouth advertising. Businesses love word-of-mouth advertising because it is more effective than all the money they send on any other form of advertising, promotion or marketing. Network marketing is the way for businesses to leverage the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

Let me give you a hypothetical example. Suppose you recommend a great hotel to your sister. Let’s call it The Ultimate. Your sister and her friend or husband make a reservation of launching in that hotel, at their arrival they go straight to the reception to get the key and room number the receptionist ask them how they get to know about The Ultimate and the mention your name. Hat will be your reaction when the owner of the hotel sent you a thank-you letter and a coupon for a free meal in appreciation for your recommending his/her hotel? It would probably make you feel wonderful, isn’t it? The owner of the hotel also explain in the letter that because of your recommendation, The Ultimate have gain long-term customer. This customer didn’t come as a result of Yellow pages ad or a radio and newspaper campaign. Therefore, he want to reword you for this new word-of-mouth customer. Any time your sister launch in his hotel in the future, he will sent you a cheque for ten percent of the value of the room as a continuing thank-you.

Sure enough, every several mouths you receive a small thank-you cheque. You are so impressed that you take it as a point of duty to encourage others to launch in The Ultimate. This generate more free meals coupon and plus more ten percent of word-of-mouth cheques. After a year, you are receiving small cheques month. After a year, you have helped to create dozens of monthly customers that generate hundreds of dollars of extra, no-hassle income to yourself. That would be nice wouldn’t it? This is a theory behind network marketing, as it is now called. I prefer to call it relationship marketing because it is as a result of the relationship that word of mouth derives it power.

Businesses these days spend up to 50% of the price of their goods for advertising and marketing expenses. Instead of sending these advertising dollars to the wealthy newspaper, magazine, television stations, several smart businesses are sharing this money with their best customers. Every time one of their best customer influences someone to buy products, they send this loyal customer a cheque as a sort of referral fee.

Eventually, these residual income streams from dozens, hundreds, thousands even tens of thousands customers can be come substantial (as in my personal case). But you need to know that it takes time, dedication and commitment to build a substantial network marketing income flow, so i recommend that you chose only one network opportunity and focus on it until you are successful. While i know of many people who earn income from a variety of associate programs, i know of no one who as successfully build and maintained more than one network marketing business simultaneously. In other words, pick a company and stick with it there you will eventually see incomes flow as a reward of your success in commitment and dedication.

Stay cool while i bring you the number three step soon.

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