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In my previous edition of <a href="

  • 4/05/15/know-the-six-way-you-can-make-money-with-your-website-3/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NaijaInfoZone+%28NAIJA+INFO+ZONE%29″ alt=””>six ways of making money from your own website, I told you how you can make income with your website via affiliate program, I guest you take a step. In case you missed the treat you can get yours here. In the same treat I gave a source where you can get your own 100% free website for your online business or income. I’m doing this so that you may not take website cost as excuse if you are yet to get yours here is it of curse you need it if you really want make money online. Please before you ask me if you cannot earn online without a website let me ask you one question, “how can someone who desperately in need of money without saucing for it?” Such person would either engage its self into some thing profitable before getting what he/she looking for. You can’t lock yourself inside your house every day doing nothing and then expect money to come and knock at your door no it doesn’t work that way, you have to touch some thing that will attract money to your doorstep and that’s the only way money can come your way. People who make money have office, workshop or any place that money can locate them but for you, your website is your office, workshop, in fact getting a website make you very popular why? Because you are being see every where worldwide but those who have office are seen by people within their location that means you attract more sales or income than those in off-line so if you are yet to get your own website here is it again it completely free or if need to hire a professional you can get it here. Now enough of that let get to the main topic for today:-
    I talk about getting a website yes I do, now let me tell you something. A website is a ware house where a manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor, farmer or any one into business stock all his product before taking them to shop or distributing and exporting. Your website can contain everything you want to stock in it including a storefront that’s why I want to talk about GENERATING INCOME VIA YOUR OWN STORE and in this edition we are considering A BOOKSTORE.
    No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customer need to be constantly educated about the many advantage of doing business with you, trained to use your product more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives. Each of your regular e-mail newsletters should be designed to continue the education process. Therefore, each letter become content that goes into your achieves. Each detailed question you answered in your e-mail becomes a template for the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) session of your site. Eventually, the content from your site and your e-zine will end up as a series of a special report (which can be combined into a full-length book), which you can either sell or offer as a premium bonus in your marketing effort.
    Now that I have reveal a secret on how you can make a report either for sale or offer what are you waiting for? So many people lack the idea of making income from their experience. Stone Evans popularly know as ‘The Home Biz Guy’ wrote a report call “DOTCOMOLOGY” this report is Stone’s personal experience, Robert Allen wrote a book call ‘Multiple Stream of Income, Nothing Down, and creating wealth from his personal experience and through this books he is being recognize as the Author of the New York Time Bestseller. Onome Maureen wrote a call “The Amazing N14,000+ Brand NEW LAPTOP BREAKTHROUGH, and tagged it SPECIAL REPORT” I as I’m writing a book call “WHO WANT TO MARRY” which will be sale online and off-line also with a special report about secret of blogging success this is coming your way soon. Then what are you waiting for? All this are personal experience, your experience both online and off-line can make you huge income.
    Wait, before you ask, “is it only report that I will open a book store for?” The answer is capital “NO” as you can sell the following on your bookstore:-
    1. Your Own Special Report
    2. Your Own Books
    3. Resource Materials from Join-Venture Partners
    4. Your Own Selection of Traditionally Published Books.
    Remember your storefront can be expanded to sell anything of your choice so you may not only focus on books of making money is your purpose but first consider your customers satisfaction that is the secret of income streaming.
    The fastest way to stock your bookstore with books is to become affiliate with a major online bookstore (this, I will talk about some day). You can display on your site your own private selection of books that pertain to your industry or product line. It stand to reason that if person is interested in your product line, he or she should also be interested in any related information. Why not profit from this special interest? The only disadvantage to this approach is that, (1) Profit earned from these minor sales will be minimal (3-7 percent of the purchase price) (2) It drives traffic away from your site, perhaps never to return. A more profitable alternative is to research self-published authors online who have created content information that would be suitable for your visitors and arrange to buy their information products on consignment. The price you can charge for such content is generally higher, with correspondingly higher profit margins, and you don’t have to lose the traffic to Amazondotcom.
    Of course, the highest profit margins are from information products that you create yourself, such as books and special reports. If you plan carefully, a series of special reports can actually be organized into a full-length book.
    Thank you for reading
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