In recent time I share with you some ideas which you can use to secure money from online to your pocket with the hope to make you great. I do not blog just to become a supper blogger, master blogger, pro blogger or whatever. I blog to empower, to bring up leaders to expose you to the world of possibilities and the only way I can do this is to updating you as much as I can and the only way you can gain from this vision is to join the already existing league.

I have been talking about earning from your website for couple times now and I’m still on it.
In my last edition I talked about making money from your own book store and gave you tips on how to go about it but today I’m talking about “ADVERTISING” that’s what we will focus on today so let’s go straight to the business of the day.

Advertising business as we all know is a very great business but at the same time complicating, why is it complicating? Because, advertising is a business that needs crowds that is popularity lets call it traffic, when you have enough traffic you are good to go with this business, when you have the traffic you have the potential to rent them to other business. People would want to rent this traffic from you and other business will even want to pay you up front for that privilege. The downside is that these traffic may be siphoned off to other part of the online universe, never to return. Of curse, your traffic asset has no value until you have enough traffic to make a different to someone. But with the future in mind.
Now let’s see the four ways of profiting from advertising.
First, let’s put these important policy in place:-

  • Never rent, give, trade or sell your e-mail names to anyone. Never and then state this in your email acquisition policy.
    In the off-line world, renting the email list can be a juicy source of extra revenue. But online, the aversion to spam (unsolicited e-mail) is no intense that you need to make a decision never to violate the goodwill of your “fish in training”. This doesn’t means that you can’t include a paid ad or two in your periodic newsletter.


  1. Selling, Renting, or trading banner ads on your website.
  2. Selling, renting or trading classified ads space on your website.
  3. Selling, renting or trading link from your site to another site
  4. Selling,I renting or trading advertising messages on your periodic e-zines.

I will show how to set up this advertising relationship some day so stay updated.

Don’t forget to share with your friends they may need this as well as you do.

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