Today is another day and another day is another day 21 June 2014 cannot occur twice neither can December 2014. But you can do the same thing twice or as much as you can, you can build as many houses you can buy as many cars you can so is the business of money, THE BUSINESS OF THE DAY, THE ONLINE INCOME STREAMS, THE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. One can never get tired of making money except such is a lazy human being so is the making of the money online.
Money will never get tired of flowing into your pocket if you discover its multiple ways.
Money will never stop calling your name if you well prepare its ways.
If you can figure out the flowing point of money and its strategy then you are on income flowing point.
In some couple of days back I have been discussing on THE SIX WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR SITE and I’m still on the topic. Today is the second to the last part of the discussion in case you missed any of the post you can read the one you missed here

In my previous edition, I discussed on ADVERTISING I don’t know if you have make a move or increase your advertising strategy today I am going to talk about “SELLING PICKS-AND-SHOVELS” that’s the fifth part of this powerful discussion the last part will be more powerful and will come in due time hope you don’t wanna miss it if yes get prepared for it.
Now let’s get started with SELLING PICKS AND SHOVEL in this edition of online income stream I’m going to make some list of PICKS-AND-SHOVEL business for you to choose what best for you.
One of the most famous, lasting and popular dress people like today is Levi’s Jeans which was created in the nineteenth century but it is the easiest dressing style almost every one male, female, big and small, papa and mama wears today. In fact this wear want to pull materials out of dressing market but you that is wearing it, do you know that Levi’s Jeans was created from picks-and-shovel? That means anything can be picks-and-shovel and quickly turn into income flow.
Hundreds of millions of new Netprenuers will join the online gold rush in the next decades, but majority of them will be disappointed in their prospecting. Not because there isn’t golds in them that hills but because these prospectors simply don’t know how to go about finding it. That where you come in. You can make use of that chance to provide the picks-and-shovels for them then wait and see if the money you have been struggling for in an online world will not begin to flow.
The main focus of picks-and-shovels business will be on INTERNET PICK-AND-SHOVELS but before we start, let’s take a quick look at internet picks-and-shovels

Internet picks-and-shovels can be anything that can provide solution of internet problem, such as search engines:- let’s use google search engine as example.
You want to get information making money but you don’t know the specific site to get it from, now what you do is to open your browser and hover to search bar and selecting google as your search engine among the listed search engines of your browser then you type something like this “making money”, “how to make money”, or just “money” and you are done but google will provide you with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of result of your search. Now google search bar has become picks-and-shovels providing you with result to your search which you can choose from the list what best for your search, that’s how it is.
You can offer to supply anything online but don’t doubt of people that will approach your offer all you need to do is to make your offer visible (popularity).
Look at another example but still on search engine.
You want several search engine to index your site in search result and you know that before any search engine index your site you have to submit your site first. Many site and blog owners doesn’t know or have the time to go about it, there you see many website just like that promote your site on your behalf. freesubmission submit your site to hundreds of search engines and its acting as a middle man between you and search engines, and if you visit you will see many services it offers in one place if you are a passionate site or blog owner that what your site to be all-round-visible you will want to grab all their offers that’s exactly picks-and-shovels.
Now look at the some list of picks-and-shovel here:-

  1. Web-hosting services
  2. Website design and consultation
  3. Marketing device
  4. Traffic

  5. Advertising service

  6. Education and training

  7. Affiliate program to help new business get started

  8. Computer hardware

  9. Computer software

  10. Credit card and services

  11. Search engines submission services

  12. Privacy/policy, terms of service or use generator service

  13. Link exchange service

  14. Online coaching service

  15. Online jobs provider service

  16. Content editor services and still counting

Just think of the kind of product, services and information that it took and continue to take for you to get up to speed in your online business.
You can provide the product, services and answers to hundreds if not thousands of positive miners.

««««««««««GOOD LUCK»»»»»»»»»»»


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