@attah ikedeh your insult on Oro people is getting out of hand if you try it again I’ll be force to insult you in return. You once made a comment saying that “de floor is open for everyone to show his popularity” I remember how I replied to that comment with a question if a leader is chosen base on popularity on your own view but you’re yet to answer that question & now you’ve raised another point & I’m tempted to ask another question, do you think embezzling money to sponsor udom’s posters & banner will win him election? Or do you think that leaders are choose by appearance or popularity? When Obama contested his first term election where did he made his declaration and how many people were there to witness his declaration? It was just view people’s together with the members of the press and there was no much posters and banners but he won that election because he believes that leaders are chosen by their agenda, manifestos, vision and mission not by popularity or posters but if you think that leaders are choose base on popularity and posters that means your mentality is too low to discuss politics where political issues are being raise. I’ve read your open letter to Robinson Uwak in that letter you explained how Uwak insulted the governor but do you really think that Uwak is insulting him? The Bible let us know that what a man sows the same he will reap. You claim to be a barrister but do you ever have time to take a look at the Nigerian constitution to know what and what right government can exercise on the people? Do you mind to take a look at sub-section one (1) of section thirty nine (39) title “freedom of expression and the press” under chapter four (4) “fundamental right”? If udom happens to be the governor which he will never test, the first thing he will want to do is to appoint you AGS not considering to follow due process and will want to bribe way so that you will be appointed SAN not thinking of if you have ever study the constitution and abide with the rules. Uwak, on behalf of Oro people that he represent expressed our grievances but it is people who are against the truth that sees it as an insult because truth is bitter for the evil doers, I therefore consider your claim insult that the governor is reaping what he sowed. As the governor’s aids do you ever consider calling your master to order for misconduct? Paragraph one (1) of the code of conduct for public officers, fifth schedule of the Nigerian constitution stated this clearly. You have said that the governor’s vision is to make Oro an industrial capital to Akwa Ibom as lagos is to Nigeria now I’m asking you to back those claims you claimed with proofs. You also mention Ibaka deep seaport I want ask you how many parcels of land that has been cleared for the development of the said seaport? remember that your master must account for every allocations he receives yearly for the construction of that port, you made mention of the airport terminal, can you please tell me the location of that airport and the location of its gate? If we must debate on all those claims you claimed, everything will turn against you and your master. Now listen carefully, there is a saying that says, “the silenceness of a lion doesn’t means he cannot hurt or roar”, “who laugh last laugh best” and finally “silent is the best answer to a fool” the reason why Oro people have not been replying to your post doesn’t means they are weak, fool or they do not know what to write but because they sees you as nothing but an unrefined experimental clinical rabbit who doesn’t knows his left and right and to gather enough evidence against your master’s led administration and soon, I mean very soon those people you are mocking at will explode bitterly and your so call master will have no room to accommodate the consequences so be mindful of your utterances on Oro politics. 22007A84


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