This is really a good news for android device users as Airtel happens to be the first telecom network to introduced android bundle in Nigeria but is it just to launch the service? No, the problem is not laughing the service but to maintain it. That was how BlackBerry bundle introduced but what is the fate of BlackBerry users? We can’t tell, it seems as if our telecom industries are neglecting the services they introduced and they keep introducing new one’s and abandoning the old one’s most especially mTn would this happen to android bundle? Let’s keep an eye on it.
#1000 and above is a huge investment that requires not just attention but a serious one because if you deposit the same amount of money into your bank account every months for 12 months you will get at least a little interest on it, what if you do lending business? #1000 gives you an interest of #300 on monthly basis which gives a total of #3600 at the end of 12 months. That’s just #1000. Money lenders can throw more light on this. Could it be that our telecom industries are taking us for granted? Spending #1000 and above for internet access but getting the service we paid for is a big problem why? Well, maybe the will one day reveal their challenges and I’m waiting for that day.
Here is the airtel android bundle whoever is interested should dial the bellow code according to his/her pocket *437# for 2GB @ N2000 for 30 days,
*438# for 4.5GB @ N3500 for 30 days

To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223#

1 kobo/kb from 9:59pm – 5:59am & 1.5 kobo/kb from 5:59am – 9:59pm 22007A84


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