eBoLaPhoBia PreVenTioN

1. Avoid hair fixing (if the needle or any sharp materials the hair dresser uses to fix your hair contaminated by the disease you will as well contract it)
2. Avoid paying aboki #20 to cut your nails ( who knows which people they their materials on? These we can tell and I see it as laziness so we better avoid it)
3. Avoid sharing of hair clipper, nails clipper, razor, shaving materials etc. ( I think it is high time everyone approaches barbers with their own personal clipper)
4. Avoid sharing of body cream, bowels, towel etc. (this very important because the virus can be contracted through body fluid) 5. Avoid sharing of spoon, cup etc.
6. Watch your hand with methylated mix with jik and water after shaking someone (highly recommended).
And the most powerful prevention and cure is PRAISING GOD ALWAYS as the bible says that prayer moves mountain but praises move God so praising God always is a guarantee that no ‘EVD’ will come near you.



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