Last time we discussed your belief of wealth and it’s sourced which brings out the word ‘A penny saved is a penny found and today we are going to base on’ WEALTH AS A CONSEQUENCE NOT A REWARD’ that means you have your choice to choose whether to wort for it or not.
If you work hard at making money, you stand a better chance of becoming rich. You have to accept that money is a payment given to you for clever thinking and hard work. The Harder and smarter you work the more you will earn. You don’t get given the money by a committee who examine whether you deserve it or not, whether you have been good or not.  It is a direct consequence.

We often look at someone who has money and make all sorts of value judgments about whether they deserve it or not. We all do it, I was reading about Calvin Ayre – the Internet bookie  –  who has grown very rich indeed running online gambling. He has something like 16 million customers in the US as of then. The US department of Justice isn’t very happy about this and want to shut him down. Ayre isn’t a US citizen and doesn’t reside there. You can read all about him here (home of the really wealthy folks). If it isn’t your home page it jolly well ought to be. You are in this to be wealthy, which means understanding where wealth comes from.

Back to Ayre, he has grown rich exploiting an alleged US law loophole whereby what he does is alleged to be illegal but he isn’t in the country to commit any crime. Do we judge him? I don’t. I study his information to see if I could make use of it. What might be wrong is the gambling. But I am aware that his consequence of hard work has been lots of money.

I was watching a TV program the other day about a chap who  cleans and polishes car for rich celebs and such. He charge £5000 for car washing. Mind you, this does include polishing. Now is his money a reward or consequence? I don’t think he would see it as a reward. It’s the price he sets, and customers pay him because he is the best car cleaner in the world. The consequence of his business idea, skill and effort is to be very well paid. So sit down and think of what you can get do to not just get paid but to be very well paid, something that will distinguish you from others, something that will give you a name, something that will make you rich not by gambling, lottery or pool. With your talents and skills you can be a different to make a different. Think about creativity, productivity and sociability. Maybe I am being paid for a piece of info’s I write, maybe I am beginning to impart brains with my write ups. I started somewhere you too can. So sit down and work out your ideas and skills to be wealthy.

A wise decision is a approach to success – Isreal Etangewak

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