Netcontacts is an online platform, where people share money. Instead of sharing only pictures and messages, like most websites. Who says we cannot share money, the way we share messages and pictures online? In Netcontacts your friends, neighbors, relatives & acquaintances or even strangers etc. have the opportunity to share money with you.

No risk & nothing to fear!
Your N1,500 activation fee will be fully refunded, if you invite at least 50 real persons at the end of the first three months after your activation and none of them pay you for activation.

How it works
Netcontacts membership is an online networking business. Where members are paid by the persons that they invite to register as Netcontacts members. Whenever, any member invites somebody to register under him or her as Netcontacts member, the invited person registers for free trial membership. The member in free trial membership cannot invite other people to register under him or her, until he or she migrates to full membership. And for a free trial member to migrate to full membership, he or she has to activate his or her membership, by paying N1,500 membership activation fee to the person that invited him or her. So, that the person that invited him or her will activate his or her membership. After his or her membership activation, then would he or she be able to invite other people, so that each person he or she invites will also paid him or her their activation.
Netcontacts membership
Netcontacts membership emerged from our desires to create an easy and legitimate money making opportunity for Nigerians, through the internet – like our simple method, if you invite me, I pay you; if I invite other people, they pay me. We therefore beg you, to pay the person who invites you to register as Netcontacts member. So that you will be also paid, when you invite other people. Please, see the payment as a sacrifice and as a contribution for us to help one another to raise money, in a country like ours – with high rate of unemployment and under-paid work force. If we think that our government is not helping enough? Now, this is our opportunity to help somebody. Pay N1,500 to the person who invites you to register as Netcontacts member and you will be paid also when you invite other people – this is a fresh hope! “Sky is our limit”.

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