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Last time we discussed your belief of wealth and it’s sourced which brings out the word ‘A penny saved is a penny found and today we are going to base on’ WEALTH AS A CONSEQUENCE NOT A REWARD’ that means you have your choice to choose whether to wort for it or not.
If you work hard at making money, you stand a better chance of becoming rich. You have to accept that money is a payment given to you for clever thinking and hard work. The Harder and smarter you work the more you will earn. You don’t get given the money by a committee who examine whether you deserve it or not, whether you have been good or not.  It is a direct consequence.

We often look at someone who has money and make all sorts of value judgments about whether they deserve it or not. We all do it, I was reading about Calvin Ayre – the Internet bookie  –  who has grown very rich indeed running online gambling. He has something like 16 million customers in the US as of then. The US department of Justice isn’t very happy about this and want to shut him down. Ayre isn’t a US citizen and doesn’t reside there. You can read all about him here (home of the really wealthy folks). If it isn’t your home page it jolly well ought to be. You are in this to be wealthy, which means understanding where wealth comes from.

Back to Ayre, he has grown rich exploiting an alleged US law loophole whereby what he does is alleged to be illegal but he isn’t in the country to commit any crime. Do we judge him? I don’t. I study his information to see if I could make use of it. What might be wrong is the gambling. But I am aware that his consequence of hard work has been lots of money.

I was watching a TV program the other day about a chap who  cleans and polishes car for rich celebs and such. He charge £5000 for car washing. Mind you, this does include polishing. Now is his money a reward or consequence? I don’t think he would see it as a reward. It’s the price he sets, and customers pay him because he is the best car cleaner in the world. The consequence of his business idea, skill and effort is to be very well paid. So sit down and think of what you can get do to not just get paid but to be very well paid, something that will distinguish you from others, something that will give you a name, something that will make you rich not by gambling, lottery or pool. With your talents and skills you can be a different to make a different. Think about creativity, productivity and sociability. Maybe I am being paid for a piece of info’s I write, maybe I am beginning to impart brains with my write ups. I started somewhere you too can. So sit down and work out your ideas and skills to be wealthy.

A wise decision is a approach to success – Isreal Etangewak

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What was our last conversation? ‘Laziness’ of course.

We last discussed how most people who desire to be wealthy are too lazy to even implement their desire, they are too lazy to work, they are too lazy work off their stocks, they are too lazy to wake up and to be up and doing.

Most people are waiting for money to come to them instead of them going for it.

They want to win lottery (lotto/babaijebu), pool, naira bet or even join cultism so that they can have huge amount of money at a time without working out for it, dia iz God o-o-o-o-o-o!

I believe you are not among the categories of people mentioned up there,

If you are please you can stop reading because this write up is not about any of that.

Now let’s quickly switch to the business of today ‘UNDERSTAND YOUR MONEY BELIEFS AND WHERE THEY COME FROM (RULE 6)’

I believe each and every one of us have a belief, (that is what you stand for) which interpret our attitude and or action concerning a particular thing simply see as “understanding”. this must your first consideration before match up to the parade ground of wealth if not you be lost on they way.

We all grow up with money myths. We get a lot of them from our parents and the way they bring us up. i Used to hear my grand mum saying ‘A penny saved is a penny found’, which till this day i still have no idea of what it means. Maybe I’m lucky. My money myths are based on a lot of nonsense like that. But most of us have the following ingrained beliefs:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Money is dirty.
  • I don’t deserve to be rich.
  • Money is only made by the greedy and dishonest.
  • Money corrupt.
  • You mustn’t brag about money – never say how much you earn. are worth or paid for something (unless it is a bargain).
  • You can’t have money and be spiritually pure.
  • You lose your friends if you get rich.
  • You have to work too hard to get rich.
  • Happiness and money make poor bedfellows.
  • The more you have, the more you will want.
  • It is somehow better to be poor.
  • I wasn’t meant to be rich. if I was i would have been by now.
  • I’m not the right type to be rich.

Have a quick look through. Check which one you belief, which one strike o chord with you. now you have to do a bit of that old – fashioned hard work. write down one’s that meant something to you. Add the one’s I’ve missed – there will be a few. Now work out why you hold this beliefs. is it something that you have actively thought about, reason out, dedicate some research to? Or are they inherited, left over, picked up along the way?

Get rid of any that you can question and belief are nonsense.

Discard any that isn’t aren’t true. And chuck out any that stand in the way, hold you back, stop you making some money.

What you should be left with is none at all, nothing, a blank sheet. Now you can write now belief such as:

  • Money is OK.
  • Wanting money is OK.
  • I am going to be wealthy.
  • I am prepared to put in the work.

Wealthy people have none of the troublesome myth we poorer people have

they have purge them or never had them.

If we too purge them,  We stand a better chance of getting there.

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In my resent email we all learned that keeping your secret to yourself and yourself alone is the best way to succeed.I mentioned some point to which you need to keep your ideas to yourself until you work out your strategies
So today we are going to talk about why some people are still stock-in in poverty, why they can’t progress, their mindset and thoughts.
 And that’s what you see tagged

I am just believing that you are not among the dummy thinkers.

You have to get up early, work hard all day and go to bed still working on your objective. Yes, money does sometimes grow on trees – or so it seems. Yes people do win lottery, the jackpot, the big prize. people do get sudden inheritance from long lost relatives. Yes people do find fame and fortune where they sought none. But is isn’t going to happen to you. Well the adds are that it won’t if you set your objective as: win the lottery and live in the lap of luxury forever more then read no further. Put this book down and go and buy lottery tickets. If your objective is a little more realistic then read on.

Most people are too lazy to be rich. They may say they want  to be, but they don’t. They may buy a lottery ticket as a sort of half-hearted gesture of winning to be rich, but they aren’t prepared to put in the work. They aren’t prepared to make sacrifices, study, learn, work their socks off, put in the effort and make it a determine and concentrated focus of their life.

Inline image 1

And for a lot of them – not you – it is because they believe that if you do so you are somehow tainted with evil (coming up in rule 6). But is it OK to work hard to make money? is it a worthwhile thing to want? It depends on why and what you are going to do with it i guess. (soon to come in rule 8).

Most people don’t want to do the work. Yes they want the money but only if it comes to them by accident, by luck by chance. Then it’s OK. Then it’s not tainted with sweat and work and passion and focus.

I think if you look at anyone rich enough to be a role model – Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Warren Buffet, Gordon Ramsey, James Dyson, Petr Kellner, – you will notice only one thing in common . . . they work their stocks off. They might make their money from computer, sales, cookery, business, the film industry, vacuum cleaners, pop music, radio stations, what ever. But one thing they all share is the ability to make more than most of us do in a month.

And that is the wonderful thing about wealth – it is lying around waiting to be claimed (remember rule 1 “anybody can make money – it isn’t selective or discriminative”). And those who claim it are those one’s who get up early, work hard and put in the hours.

And you are going to have to as well. I don’t have longer weight shifters or decorative spongers in my team. I want hard working, dedicated focus, ambitious, driven money makers. With a sense of fun of course.

That’s much we can take for this series. Watch out for the next series “Rule 6” an see what you will learn.

But i want us to do something, something that will let me know that you are following, learning and practicing our discussion so far.

what i mean is that you will reply to this massage what ever you have learned and practice so far.

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Best Regard.


Now you have embark on a new journey, a new direction, it might be worth keeping it under your hat. There may come a time when you need to discus what you do with money mentors (coming in rule 64) but for a moment don’t broadcast what you are doing. there are several reasons for these:

  • Other people’s opinion can often be negative and this can put you off.
  • If everyone is doing it, there may be less room for you.
  • Having other people discussing your business among themselves is never good for you.
  • You don’t want to be seen as preaching or trying to convert people to your own way of thinking.
  • No one else really want to know what you are up to – if they ask how you are, reply with a simple ‘Fine’ rather than a lengthy explanation of what you are doing.
  • It’s nice having a secret, gives you a warm, smug, glowing felling.

If you go round broadcasting what you’re doing, there are people who will get jealous and will do pretty well anything to put you off. After all, you are saying goodbye to them in a way. You are proclaiming that the old you, the old life style, isn’t good enough any more and you are off to pasture new. Of course they are going to be unhappy about that. So keep it under your hat. That doesn’t cost anything or require anything.

Let this be our little secret. Carry on learning and practicing the Rules but just don’t go telling all and sundry – no matter how much you think they might benefit from reading this write up. Share it around by all means of course.

The interesting bit is that even if you don’t go telling everyone, they’re unlikely to do anything about it. Most people will rather watch television than drag themselves out of their pit of poverty. I am only thinking of you when I say keep it under your hat. Anyone who get religion of any sort need to keep a tight lip on it. people really hate being preached at, lectured at, encourage to thing about their life style or told that what they are doing is not good enough. Gaining prosperity is one of those things you do privately, clandestinely, surreptitiously. Not that there’s anything wrong, just that it’s best done alone.

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